1. Is Bunnybet88 a legal website?

Bunnybet88 is properly authorized and is under the control of FIRST CAGAYAN, Philippine.

  1. How to register for membership?

Easy steps to register with Bunnybet88, just add Line @@bunnyslot, contact staff to register. After that, waiting for your username and password.

  1. How can I change my information?

If you would like to change email, phone number, name-surname or forgot password/username, you can contact staff via LINE ID: @@bunnyslot, Tel: (+855) 071-2307808 available 24 hours.

  1. 4. Can I change my registered currency? 

The currency change is unavailable because it depends on the terms of the website.

  1. What are the transaction channels?

You can make transactions through Acleda Bank, ABA Bank, Canadia Bank and WING Bank.

  1. How to withdraw?

1). If you would like to withdraw, click on deposit/withdraw menu

2). Then click on withdraw menu

3). Select an account for withdrawing and fill the amount to withdraw.

4). After filling the amount to withdraw, then fill the withdrawal code that you register to the system.

5). Then click on the withdraw menu. This is a complete withdrawal process. (* If the withdrawal process is delayed, please contact customer service)

7). If the balance is lost, how to check?

Check the bet history on the product/brand that you think the amount is lost. If you still have questions, please contact customer service.

8). How can I access the Bunnybet88 website ?

Able to access on computer PC or tablet/smart phone + internet

9). If I cannot access the website, how to solve it?

On a computer PC, delete the cache and cookies. Close the browser and try again. 

The ways to delete cache and cookies on Google Chrome are to open Google browser and press Ctrl + Shift + Del at the same time. After that the window will be shown and tick at delete cache and cookies.

The ways to delete cookies on Firefox browser are to open Firefox browser and go to the "Tools" menu, and choose "Options" then choose "Tab Privacy" on the "History" section. Choose "Firefox will", then choose "Use custom setting for history". After that press "Show Cookies", then click "Remove All" and press "Close" the window.

The ways to delete cache and cookies on Internet Explorer browser are to open Internet Explorer browser and go to "Tools" menu, and choose "Internet Options" then choose "Tab General" on "Browsing History" After that tick at "Delete browsing history on exit", then click "Delete". Choose cookies that you want to delete, and click "Delete".

For tablet/mobile phone, the ways to delete website history and cookies on iPhone are to go to settings>Safari>Clear website history. Clearing cookies history and browsing data from Safari will not change your autofill information. If deleting cache history and cookies still cannot access the website, just turn off / on the device.

10). Why does the website load slowly / fail?

If the internet signal is not stable, you have to check internet speed. 

For home internet, we suggest Broadband/Fiber with a minimum speed of 50 Mbps. 

For mobile internet, we suggest 4G/3G with a minimum speed of 1 Mbps.

11). Which is the best browser to access the Bunnybet88 website? 

Google Chrome is a free and fast web browser.

12). What is the solution for the computer screen and games freezes?

Basic solution for computer screen freezes is to restart the screen. If you still cannot access the website, you need to delete cache and cookies. For black screen, some games in the arcade game page such as the fishing game need to set your screen to be able to view on the horizontal.

13). How can I check my bet history?

  1. Go to the financial history menu
  2. Press on the game history
  3. Select the date you want to view
  4. Select the game that you want to see the betting history

14). How can I contact the customer service and when?

We have staff available 24 hours. You can contact us via Tel: (+855) 071-2307808 or LINE ID: @@bunnyslot or Whatsapp : +855 712307808.

15). What is Free Spin?

Free spin is a bonus earned by playing games. Players will be able to spin the slot wheel for free without losing any bets. To get that free spins, players must spin to get the Scatter symbol, which is the symbol that gives the player free spins.

16). How many times a day can I withdraw?

You can withdraw an unlimited number of times per day.

17). Will the personal information used for registration be secured?

Bunnybet88 has been standardized in terms of financial security, privacy policy, and security so you can be assured that your personal information will never be disclosed.

18). Is there a difference between logging in on a smartphone and on a computer? and How?

There is no difference. You can use the same username and password to login.